Written and maintained by Emeruche Ikenna who lives in Enugu, Nigeria trying to build useful things.

Here are a few of my projects.

Brent M. Clark

A personal portfolio website and blog built with Gatsby and Markdown for Brent Clark. Styling was done with TailwindCSS and hosted on Netlify.

React, Gatsby, Tailwind CSS, Twitter Bootstrap, Netlify
Todo (with hooks)

A todo app I built when learning React hooks and styled-components to understand how they work better. All components are function components and styling done with styled-components

React, styled-components, Netlify, Twitter Bootstrap
my MDB

A PWA that displays movies I have seen so far. It was made to get my hands dirty with React and Redux. Used to understand the concept of reducers, actions and PWAs with React.

React, Redux, Django, Django RF, Heroku, Twitter Bootstrap
Old portfolio

The first iteration of my online portfolio. Was built predominantly with Twitter Bootstrap. Used Django’s templating engine. Felt it didn’t reflect most of my recent skills - hence the remake.

Django, Heroku, Amazon S3, Twitter Bootstrap

The repo for this blog can be found here.

Other projects can be found at my github graveyard.

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