Hey there, the name's Emeruche "Cole" Ikenna.

A front-end web developer from Nigeria with years of professional experience working with cool tech including ReactJS, JavaScript, HTML & CSS and TypeScript. I have also worked with Java, Django and Gatsby - which powers this site.

I currently work remotely as a Software Engineer II at Crossover where I solve real-world issues with some of the most brilliant developers as my teammates. Previously, I was hired part-time at Beed.ng where I was part of the team that built to the frontend of the web app.
You can find more of my professional experience on LinkedIn.

When I'm not coding, you can find me scrolling through Twitter, reading a book or playing some of my favourite video games on PlayStation 5 - you know, stuff I can do indoors.

If you wish to reach me through a pretty form, I am sorry to disappoint you as there is none. Just shoot me a mail - it makes both our lives easier!


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