Hey there, the name's Emeruche "Cole" Ikenna.

A front-end web and mobile developer from Nigeria.
During the few years I have been coding, I have picked up relevant languages, skills and frameworks - HTML, CSS, React JS, React Native, vanilla JavaScript, Python (Django and DRF) and some of the cool collaborative tools like git and Slack. I use Heroku and Netlify as choice of deployments.

I try to build cool web apps to keep my skillsets and github as "updated" as possible. I consider the internet the greatest learning environment, and solving challenges the best teacher.

When I'm not coding, I am either reading medical books, tweeting, or playing video games. I do not joke with naps and breakfast.

If you wish to reach through a pretty form, I am sorry to disappoint you as there is none. Just shoot me a mail - it makes both our lives easier!